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So, besides the tragic news about cghub, Do you guys know other art community websites except DeviantART, Pixiv & DrawCrowd that showcase artworks from amateur & pro artists while allowing unknown talented artists to get more exposure?


Just moved to a new DrawCrowd page!

CG hub has died and it looks like this is the next big thing!

Check it out at

The homepage of DrawCrowd looks not bad indeed…nice gallery btw.

An Apology.


       I want to Apologize to all of my fans.  It appears as though CGhub has gone out of business for some reason.  They gave no explanation for this.  I thought maybe they were attacked or had server problems, but from what I gather pro members have been receiving refunds for their accounts. I will continue to post art from around the world, but with CGhub gone a lot of my past posts will have broken artist links.  This will not affect future posts, just ones from the past.  

Sorry for the inconvenience

CGHub Has Closed Down




Yesterday CGHub shut everything down without warning. I’m stunned. The site was on the rise and in many ways was the place to go to for the games industry art world. The creators (but not owners) of the site released a new statement this morning that explains a little more of the tragic situation. For a site that so many relied on, this is extremely unprofessional and to hear the parent company has no interest in even selling it to someone who could pick up where they left off is baffling.

Personally, I’m sad and honestly a bit angered about this. CGHub was a nearly daily visit for me. A large majority of my posts came from there and now carry dead source links. There wasn’t a site like it out there - that had the features it had and the awesome community of mostly games industry artists in it. I even had great success with its job postings section while hiring for Leviathan at various points.

The next question is unless CGHub rises from the ashes when its owners get their heads cleared up, where will the next core congregation of game artists happen?

The sentiment is shared, especially since I’m such a stickler for attaching artists’ credits to their work. CGHub was fantastic for professional-level artists. Not all graphic artists have portfolio websites for themselves, and while DeviantArt is convenient for sharing, it doesn’t come across as professionally as other sites, especially where prospective clients are concerned. Hopefully, the affected artists will find alternative sites for sharing their work soon, if they didn’t have any already.

Tumblr is generally pretty shitty about giving artists their due credit, and this shutdown doesn’t help any. To all my followers, before reblogging any artwork that doesn’t have credits attached, I urge you to run a quick reverse image search to find its source and add it in.

We don’t do this for our health, and half a line of text isn’t going to fuck up your blog aesthetic that much.

"half a line of text isn’t going to fuck up your blog aesthetic that much."

Sadly I had experience dealing with people who see nothing wrong with removing half a post because it doesn’t suit “their style”. Wish tumblr could keep the entire post intact, like it does when you reblog asks.

And yeah, sucks about CGHub. I wasn’t on there, but lots of my friends and inspirational artists were :(

Some clarification/explanation about CGHub's closure:

"We are getting tons of emails and from the comments to our recent post we think that we need to clarify some things and answer the most common questions.

1. Team Shakuro was NOT associated with Full Spectrum Digital, LLC - a company that ran We were actually only responsible for development and of course were not authorized to make decisions like shutting the project down. That also means that we were not making money from ads, pro accounts and so on.

However, since the real owners prefer to keep low profiles we are the only ones on the surface (to blame).

2. We were caught completely unprepared. It was as simple as: “Guys, it’s over”.
Why the shutdown was like this and without prior notification – we have no answer to this question and that’s also beyond our understanding.

3. Even though it wasn’t our decision to close the project, it was us who tried to reach the community with at least a bit of explanation of what was going on.

And we are really sorry to see comments like “I am going to stay away from anything Shakuro will produce in future”, “Unprofessional” and so on … and we hope that they are made out of misunderstanding of the situation.

4. We tried every single option to keep the community running including buying it out, selling to somebody else, even pausing … it didn’t work.

5. Again the reason is completely personal. The project had a very bright future, we were beating our traffic records on monthly basis, had a perfect team and tons of ideas and even a couple of satellite projects in mind.

Situation in Crimea, hackers, SSL bug, aliens have nothing to do with the project closure. The servers and were based in the US and were secure. Management team was in US as well. Absolutely nothing is going on in Crimea that would prevent us from doing our business.

6. If you were a Pro member and didn’t receive a refund – please send email to with your account details. It will be forwarded to project owners.

7. CGHUB (domain name, userbase, codebase) is not for sale. We have no right to sale it and the CGHUB owners do not want to sale it. The only thing we can promise is to forward your sale offers to the owners.

8. During last several years we rejected ~30 CGHUB-like requests from different people / companies (some of them were very promising) as we wanted to stay focused on our main project. We got some new ones during last couple of days and may start working on new CG /art community soon.

And the last thing.

We started working on CGHUB 6 years ago, from the request “Hi, can you make a website that shows images?” and since then it has become our flagship project and there is nobody in this Universe who would love it and miss it more than we do. Some of our developers are still in disbelief of what has happened. We would never do any harm to this project / community. So we really hope for your understanding.”

No more CGHUB. Someone will take the void. Good luck guys.

Team Shakuro

PS. CGHUB 2008:

(source: facebook)


Anybody gets redirected to “CGHug” when trying to access CGHub?


Fanart of Chibiusa and Helios in Sailor Moon. I did this like a while ago and never upload in on tumblr. It is only on my Devianart. so why not now =p

Please credit me if you reblog it somewhere else. Thank you!!! =)



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Contribution to “Let’s draw lady knights” by Dogbomber

weapon - Shield

build - Skinny

Personality - Cranky

Culture - Native American

Animal - Bull

I suck at drawing detailed stuff… Sorry, jjacsso. I tried……. (*faint)


I lost track of this week’s daily sketches due to holidays, so here are these two to make up for it.


Ink; based on a photo by Nicholas Haggard


One: photo by Nicholas Haggard Two: photo by Saunter

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